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Laughed My Plants Off

When I began this idea of writing a blog about plants, I just laughed out loud! Who was I to think I could write about plants. I know so many talented people in the plant world and respect them all for their individual talents. Who was I to place myself into the same orbit of mastery? It's a funny trait of plant people, sometimes we are quieter than our plants. Although I wouldn't consider myself an extraordinarily quiet person, and neither would people who know me find me quiet either. I suppose the real term would be humble. I am humble about my plant knowledge.

My mother taught me about being humble, and my grandmother taught me about respecting and enjoying plants. I would consider my relationship with plants to be very practical. A plant should do more than just look pretty, although there is some intrinsic value to looking pretty. For me, a plant should give back as much as I do, work as hard as I do, and not waste precious resources. Plants should serve a real purpose.

Every day, every moment, I'm surrounded by plant life. My whole life is a symbiotic relationship with plants. When I get up in the morning, I look at my houseplants, make coffee (a plant product), look at my garden, feed the birds, and go to work to tend more plants for the greater good of humankind. I live a fully immersed plant life by design. I hope that this blog will invite you to discover a little bit about living a plant immersed life. Visit often to discover the knowledge you most likely already had, or learn something new. Welcome to my little corner of the world!

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